XXL panel in Lignières blue stone

XXL panel in Lignières blue stone on composite material.

Introduce natural stone to your new-build or renovation Habitat and reveal unparalleled aesthetics with our jointless XXL panel formats.


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XXL panel in Bleue de Lignières natural stone

Discover our innovative panel in Lignières Blue Stone

Our XXL panel in Bleue de Lignières natural stone combines sturdiness and lightness, offering a unique aesthetic to your interiors.

  • 10 times lighter than solid stone
  • Seamless aesthetics for large surfaces
  • Ideal for wall decoration and credenzas
  • Easy to cut and install

Unique characteristics of Lignières Blue Stone

Lignières Blue Stone is a limestone with remarkable characteristics:

  • Origin: Bierry-les-Belles-Fontaines, Yonne, Burgundy
  • Type: Middle Jurassic limestone (Bathonian)
  • Appearance: Blue-grey with tight weave and fine veining
  • Labellisée Pierre de Bourgogne IG (Indication Géographique)
  • Used in prestigious projects (Fourvière tunnel in Lyon, Palais de Justice in Besançon)

Easy, versatile installation

Thanks to its ultra-light weight and easy handling, this panel opens up new application possibilities:

  1. Simple cutting: Use a grinder with guide rail or a circular saw with diamond blade.
  2. Easy gluing: Apply polymer glue with a spray gun
  3. Quick installation: Apply adhesive, then install panels
  4. Careful finishing: leave 2 mm between panels

Ideal for split-level apartments or single-family homes, this panel adapts to any interior.

Aesthetic and practical benefits

  • Elegant and unique blue-gray aesthetics
  • XXL seamless panels for distant perspectives
  • Visual enlargement of your spaces
  • Perfect for creating sophisticated modern interiors
  • Suitable for dry rooms and credenzas

Our expertise at your service

Our expertise extends to many fields:

  • Stone craftsmanship
  • Cabinetmaking and fittings
  • High-performance composites
  • Mechanics and strength of materials
  • Lightweight structures
  • Building engineering, facades and roofs

Discover our complete range

Explore our full range of stones in our store. Find the perfect stone for your interior design project.

Further information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 25 × 1200 × 2500 mm
Product destination

wall covering / interior flooring / decorative panels

Not suitable for bathroom or kitchen countertops.

Nature of stone



Blue grey, fine grain



Shear strength

> 15 MPa

Compressive strength

> 0.95 MPa

Flexural strength

> 3,000 MPa (ASTM D790)

Tensile strength

> 2.1 MPa (ASTM C297)

Thermal resistance

> 0.49 m²°C/W

Water resistance


Suitable for floor/wall heating


Thermal shock resistance

No degradation

Fire behavior

Class B2

Scratch resistance

good (see maintenance instructions)

Impact resistance

Very good

Ability to cut

processing with all common tools such as a disc cutter (see cutting instructions)

Easy to clean

easy to clean (see care instructions)


on easel pallet, transport on long edge


Stretch film + shrink film + foam profile for edge protection,
guarantee strip, 100% recyclable

Place of manufacture


Origin of the stone

Bierry les belles Fontaines in Yonne (89) France

Lifecycle analysis

made from natural materials (stone) or recycled materials (PET) and fully recyclable


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