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Design, manufacture of stone cladding on composite materials for the construction industry.

We accompany you to the top of your art and ours.

Stone Evolution develops, manufactures, markets and assists in the installation of very large-format mineral-faced cladding products. Our products revolutionize the use of stone and address many of today's environmental concerns.

It also fully solves the problems inherent in difficult or fragile materials such as white marble, crystalline marble, onyx, slate, ceramics...

SEAL panel

Under CSTB technical approval. Ultra-light cladding and facing panel made from a very thin layer of natural stone on an aluminum honeycomb support panel, forming a homogeneous product with monolithic behavior that is both practical, robust and highly resistant.

SEPE80 panel

Ideal for all large and extra-large mineral floors, interior or exterior floor coverings, large marble joint slabs. Effortlessly accommodates existing or new floors, raw or finished.

SESO panel

Product specifically created for applications with reduced reservations. Interior floor coverings, large slabs with marble joints. Genuine stone-parquet, in thicknesses compatible with wooden floors!

Palais des congrès de Nîmes Other
Future Palais des Congrès de Nîmes, opening in 2025
BLV 148 Amsterdam
BLV 148 Amsterdam
Massy station line 18
Massy station line 18
Université François Rabelais project, Tours
Université François Rabelais project, Tours
Apple store Champs Elysées Paris
Apple store Champs Elysées Paris
Furniture Hotel Mercure Paris
Furniture Hotel Mercure Paris

A passion for creating and renovating honeycombed natural stone structures

Design office

Our teams produce the studies that guide and justify the project's structural and technical choices.


Products certified by the CENTRE SCIENTIFIQUE ET TECHNIQUE DU BATIMENT (CSTB), the SEAL panel is covered by a technical approval.

One material, one use

Materials developed for every application, for façade, floor and wall cladding installation...


A production site in the Paris region dedicated to the manufacture of project components. Quality control ...

Every day, our customers fuel our thirst for innovation

They come from the building and civil engineering sector, property development, luxury brands, the hotel industry and the public sector.

but also from the world of design and interior architecture.

"A heritage of decades of laying with Marbrier Pierre Taille and a wealth of experience have enabled us to bring to life innovative materials manufactured by STONE EVOLUTION for our customers."

Roger Gubanski, President - STONE EVOLUTION

Our news

BLV 148 Amsterdam

Code name BLV 148

Stone Evolution has completed a major project in Amsterdam, where its SEAL panels were used in the construction of 3,100 m2 of office space in a new building.

Château Lynches-Bage

Château Lynch-Bages

Made by Stone Evolution in 2021. Find out more about the project in this short video sequence. Stone panels