XXL Habitat panel in Crema Julia granite

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XXL panel in natural stone on composite material.

Introduce natural stone to your new-build or renovation Habitat and reveal unparalleled aesthetics with our jointless XXL panel formats.


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Natural stone panel on composite material.
This material is robust thanks to its composition, yet much lighter than solid stone by a ratio of 1 to 10. The result is an unparalleled, seamless aesthetic for your interiors, offering a new perspective to your rooms.
The panel can be easily cut to size without the need for professional tools.
Whether you're living in an apartment on a high floor with no lifting equipment, or in a detached house, natural stone can once again become an integral part of your interior.

Crema Julia white granite is quarried in the Pontevedra region of Spain. With its pink hue, it is particularly suitable for kitchen worktops, as it is highly resistant. With its pink hue, it offers a color alternative to the more common shades of gray.

The rendering will by definition be unique given the very nature of the stone extracted and whose patterns vary from one block to another.

Stone's uniqueness comes from its very nature, shaped by millions of years.

There's no doubt that new applications will emerge, as the ultra-light weight and easy handling of these panels make them so easy to install. A simple cut, using a grinder and its guide rail or a circular saw equipped with its diamond disk, will suffice to size your panel to the desired format.

Gluing is as simple as using a glue gun and polymer glue.

The bonding agent is applied to the substrate, usually with a float to obtain a continuous layer, then combed with a notched trowel or comb. The cladding elements are then installed before a skin is formed on the surface of the bonding compound.

Leave 2 mm between 2 panels.

Think about sealing in damp rooms, for example by means of silicone seals.

Aesthetic appeal is guaranteed by the seamless dimensions of the panels, which create far-reaching perspectives, enlarging your spaces and enhancing your interiors.

Our expertise extends to fields as wide-ranging as stone craftsmanship, cabinetmaking, fittings

high performance composites, mechanics, strength of materials, lightweight structures, construction engineering, etc.

tion, facades and roofs ...

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Further information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 25 × 1200 × 2500 mm
Product destination

credenzas/ kitchen islands / kitchen worktops / decorative panels

Not suitable for bathrooms

Nature of stone



Grey with pink tones



Shear strength

> 15 MPA

Compressive strength

> 0,95 MPA

Flexural modulus

> 3000 MPA (ASTM D790)

Tensile strength

> 2.1 MPa (ASTM C297)

Thermal Resistance

> 0.49 m2°C/W

Water resistance


Suitable for wall/floor heating


Theoretical shock resistance

No degradation

Fire behavior

Class B2

Scratch resistance

Good (see maintenance instructions)

Impact resistance

Very good

Ability to cut

treatment with all common tools, such as a disc grinder

Easy to clean

easy to clean, see care instructions using organic products


Rack pallet for heavy loads, long edge transport


Stretch film + shrink film + foam profile for edge protection,
guarantee strip, 100% recyclable

Origin of the stone


Place of manufacture


Lifecycle analysis

in progress


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